The #AusOpen Miracle

l don’t mind watching a good game of tennis particularly when someone as skilled as Roger Federer plays.

If I were to go to the Australian Open l’d need assistance. Anywhere with crowds, lined seating & stairs are a dangerous risk of falling. My OT recommends I should be transported in and out by wheelchair.

I’m sure I’m not unique in this. Many with mobility impairment rely on wheelchairs for safety. How many of us though have been accused of faking it the moment we dare stand up from our chair in public?

This is why disability activists globally are pushing to change language used to describe people with disabilities.

Wheelchair bound.

Regardless of the degree of our incapacity no one is actually bound to a wheelchair. This term leads people to believe we can’t get out of our chairs ever. So the moment anyone does we are fakes, frauds or miracles.

This is exactly what happened to an unsuspecting gentleman last night at the Australian Open. He dared to stand from his wheelchair to applaud a fantastic shot by Federer. Plenty of other people who weren’t wheelchair users did too but they were not vilified like this man was.

If you’ve never understood before why language around disability is so important, I hope you never find yourself with a disability.

I did express my views to many of these tweeters but none responded.

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