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This movement was started by one frustrated woman in 2013 and since has grown to a globally recognised campaign. Access for people with disabilities is necessary to achieve inclusive communities. Communities that do not provide access for all may find themselves in breach of the Anti Discrimination Act.
Having a disability is just part of who we are. Giving everyone the opportunities to share their talents means a better community for everyone.

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  1. homersthe1


    Great site and a great idea so thanks heaps for that as I am sick of people without Permits using these Disabled Parks, especially when in most Shopping Centres, they are fairly sparse. Another thing which should be mentioned is “the fact that the actual Permit Holder must be in the vehicle” because I’m fed up with seeing people who think they have a Right to use a Disability Label just because ‘Aunty or Uncle So and So’ is in the Car one or twice a year. As far as I’m concerned, I believe that like all of us who use these Labels legitimately – that I would have no objection to my Photo being on the Label.

  2. Carmel.Archet


    I live in Keperra Qld and our local shopping Centre there are always people always paring in disable parking bays, and both my husband n I are disabled and I just get abused if I asked to leave, or why they are there.

  3. david napier


    This is a great idea I too am an advocate this is what I am working on it is project it is called Magic, something I thought of 4 years ago, there is now an app called “Magic App.” it is being rolled out in three LGA’s in Sydney the potential is enormous check it out.

  4. Carmel.Archer


    Thanks for taken me on board, please can you tell me were I can get some of the leaflet to put on cars at my local shopping centre.

  5. Jenny


    I am a person with a psychiatric disability not a physical one. I’m on board with this for many reasons. The founder is a friend with a disability who saw a problem and decided to act instead of just whinging. I’ve never liked discrimination in any form. People with disabilities already face challenges that others wouldn’t even think about. As a community, we need to do everything possible to make access for people with disabilities easier, so that everyone can share in the facilities we have for leisure as well as business. I stand behind NPNP day in and day out, I hope I’m making a difference to ensure people with disabilities have more equal access to premises that the rest of us take for granted. It’s no longer acceptable for people with disabilities to be hidden away…is it?

  6. Reply

    I just went to the shops and noticed two yellow cabs parking in a disabled parking space and that was at 7:30 pm on the 20th of August 2015 at Marsden park shopping centre. I took a photo but don’t know how to up load it

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