Take the Pledge to only use disability access lawfully and responsibly

I am joining the No Permit No Park Campaign because I believe in inclusive communities for everyone. I will continue to support and promote access for people with disabilities and the education process in my community.


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    I have a parking permit for a condition which varies, my concerns are more with those who I see who always must use the disability parking spots but have to drive on by because some selfish person has parked in the only available or remaining disability spot ‘for just a minute’ (more often ten or twenty minutes) and if the illegal parker returns whilst I am photographing their car, they seemingly always abuse me and/or threaten violence.

    If I am having a reasonable day and can walk less painfully than usual, I may park some distance away because the disability spots are taken. As I drive a somewhat distinctive car the distance serves to give me some degree of anonymity and lessens the likelihood of the illegal parker retaliating to my photography by attacking my car.

    Please keep me posted as to when the app will be available.



    rogervaughan1@gmail.com 0404646600

    • nopermitnopark


      Hi Roger,
      The app is available in the app stores now. It’s called Towit.
      It is very easy and quick to use so photos can be taken pretty discretely. Safety is always our number one priority. If anyone attempts to engage you in confrontation, it’s best to walk away, or just tell them it’s only for auditing purposes.

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    Why don’t the shops keep check on the permit parking,if you say anything you get abused ,my chronic lung disease means I have to park nearby but if I’m on a good day I leave that space for someone in a wheelchair as they are worse than me and I see loads of people using the permit bays that do not have a permit and this includes tradespeople too

    • nopermitnopark


      Probably because at this stage there’s nothing that forces them to unless we make an issue of it and they still don’t see the value in the disabled dollar. That’s why we are working to improve the anti discrimination complaints process. It needs to be more easily accessible, faster and have an actual consequence.

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