Summer Car Safety Message

We often hear and see community messages in media warning us of the dangers of leaving children in cars on hot days. On a 30 degree day (the average Australian summer temperature), within 15 minutes inside the car can reach lethal temperatures. It’s not safe for pets either we’ve come to learn after numbers of dogs have died being left locked in the car. Even with the window down a crack it’s not enough to reduce temperatures.

What we don’t hear about are the adults that die in hot cars. Mostly due to the assumption that an adult can get out of the car when they’re heating up unlike children or dogs. It’s forgetting the most important factor. Disability. If someone requires assistance to get out of the car or to walk to safety they should never be left alone in a hot vehicle. Ever.

We’ve designed an all inclusive image that you can share to spread the word.
hot car danger announcement


NB It’s already been pointed out I have spelled Celsius incorrectly. I could have changed it but my dyslexic aphasia man in my brain said not today.

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