Rant warning! – Of all the stupid excuses…..

Friday I drove around a shopping centre for 15 minutes before finding an available accessible park. Last week I had to park 30 metres from my doctor’s surgery and negotiate my way past incoming traffic and reversing cars to get there. In both instances there were disability designated parking bays being used by people without permits.

Then yesterday I saw people using the last available disability park at my local shops as a loading bay for their bulk alcohol purchase.

When I said something to them about it their excuse was dumbfounding.

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  1. Jenny


    We’re not parked? Really? OMG. Of all the stupid, that has to be one of the most stupid things anyone has said.

  2. Pamela


    Being the mother of a disabled person I have a good understanding of what you are saying, it is not just disrespectful, laziness, thoughtlessness and narcisitic to put yourself over and above the needy, you don’t know what the future holds, my daughter had no problem until she was hit be a car on a pedestrian crossing, back, hand leg and head injuries, when you see a sign saying DISABLED PARKING have some thought for others beside your lazy self and find some where else to park, even if,you have to WALK a bit further

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