Disability Rights are not your click bait

Former journalist and State MP for Cairns Gavin King does it again. Completely diminished the Disability Rights movement in a single click.

You may remember last year Mr King accidentally on purpose parked in what he thought was a loading zone because despite the disability symbol painted on the ground, it was not clear enough for him because there were yellow lines marked in the area as well.

Rather than humbly apologising and moving to have the area marked clearer, he started screaming accusations of defamation against long time disability rights advocate and now current State MP for Cairns the Hon. Rob Pyne for publishing the photo. He demanded an apology and sadly my very well written apology was lost in the great website crash (what can I say I lose all my best work that way). Even after council rectified the problem of the ambiguous signage that seemed to be accepted by everyone else in the community, at no point did Mr King offer an apology of any sort, remaining defiant that his action was but the quintessential example of a citizen of the community he believes himself to be.

Did it encourage him to become a champion for disability rights and access? Yes! I mean NO! Well, yes… not really.

He decided to go and post on his blog (he thinks it’s a media outlet but let’s face it, he’s no more a journalist than me. Dare I say it mummy blogger!), a photo of car bearing the plates 02ALP and a sticker on the back referring to current State MP for Mulgrave the Hon. Curtis Pitt claiming that it was he who owned the car and parked it in a disability space. Little did he know! The car is actually the Member’s mother’s who is a lovely elderly lady who is also a disability permit holder. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but it does appear in the photo that the permit is possibly displayed on the dash although not as clearly as we prefer to see them.


King Vs Pitt

As well as it appearing there is a permit on display (circled in black) many have commented on the strange nature of the disability road marking suggesting it appears to look as though it’s a rug placed under the vehicle.

If the driver of the vehicle did park the car forgetting to display their permit well we would have posted the photo too. However on clarification that it was actually a permit holder we would remove it with an apology and a polite reminder to display your permit clearly so that you don’t find yourself having to appeal an infringement.
So what’s the issue with Mr King doing it? Well lets look at it from this perspective. Left without gainful employment after losing the election, and not a position in journalism anywhere to be found for him, Mr King decided to turn to blogging (in the hope of building his own media empire perhaps?). Move over Rupert Murdoch! The content seems rather autocratic and his exemplary literary skills shine through. Despite this HUGE – not really – follwing/circulation that he has and the high incidence of disability parking offences, it seems Mr King has never once before ever published a picture of any other car in the act of this offence nor has he ever written anything to challenge or defend the rights of people with disabilities.

He shows here his very strong connection to the disability community through the publication. It’s demonstrated with use of phrases such as “Mr Pitt’s taxpayer funded car parked in a disabled spot at Cairns Central – with not a disabled person’s registration sticker in sight.” Now call it political correctness if you like but if you’re going to scream like a banshee of someone’s discrimination against people with disabilities at least learn something about us. It’s a disability parking permit Mr King! Gosh who am I screaming at!? It’s not like Gavin King is so narcissistic that he’d ever Google himself to find where he is being mentioned on the Internet… would he?

No, Mr King had no intentions at the time of publishing the article (and I refuse to share the link because I’m disgusted he thinks it’s okay to profit from it but Google it if you must), no intentions at all of being a champion for disability access or any other cause for the rights of people with disabilities. No, he’s just still bitter over being caught out, losing the election and lets face it… giving up his journalism dream to be a one term wonder and now suffering the like plight of the thousands who lost their jobs (voluntarily opted for redundancy – not really) under his government’s short and very bittersweet reign. What does he have to show for all of his efforts? A blog and hope that he’ll someday become a famous writer if anyone ever wants to buy the biography of Campbell Newman.

After trying to discredit his successor Rob Pyne as well as Independent MP Billy Gordon at the expense of his family for things in their past they’ve worked to overcome, he’s now seemingly unaware of the egg on his face in yet again failing to trigger the demise of another nemesis in Curtis Pitt at the expense of his poor dear old mum who was just minding her own business doing a bit of shopping. One can’t help but wonder, who will be his next victim of clickbait! Me? (Oh please let it be me!)

No Mr King and any other media attention whores out there. Clickbait is not the same as activism or advocacy. If you’d like to join the cause feel free to contact me for interview.


  1. (on the Internet) content, especially that of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page.
    “these recent reports of the show’s imminent demise are hyperbolic clickbait”

How ironic.

Please share this! We encourage it.

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  1. charles


    “If the driver of the vehicle did park the car forgetting to display their permit well we would have posted the photo too.”
    could you not?
    I have enough trouble as it is with able bodied people expecting me to prove I’m disabled enough.
    I don’t need the culture of suspicion to be perpetuated from people pretending they’re helping me.

    • nopermitnopark


      cute email charles
      Let me see how do I make this simple enough for you to understand….


      Not park here only if you think you’re disabled enough.

      We don’t pretend to help you. We advocate for better access. You’re welcome.

  2. Helen


    The car park does not have a disability therefor is not a disabled carpal …… more appropriate language would be accessible capark. Let’s turn GK negativity into a postie by promoting Te use of more appropriate language.

    • nopermitnopark


      There’s positive and then there’s reality. We use language people are familiar with as long as it is not insulting. When disability access was changed to accessible it took away from the fact that the access is for people with mobility impairments and Parents With Prams parking was born! Yes, political correctness can be a negative sometimes.

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