What if I told you there was no need for disability parking infringements?

NO WAY! you say? Of course there’ll never be a time when infringements are removed. Without a consequence there’s nothing to stop people taking advantage of selfish opportunity. BUT! There really is no need for people to get an infringement for abusing disability accessible parking. There are two simple things that can be done to prevent it. Education and Attitude. Education is easy, attitude not so much.

So we’re working on the education part first. With an educated community no one can use the excuse “I didn’t know”. Our mission is to ensure every driver understands the laws they’re obligated to follow around disability parking.

Throughout this campaign I’ve learned from fellow campaigners, advocates, activists, law makers, law enforcers and the community to continue developing our educational flyers. It’s updated over the past two and a half years from passive aggressive, to directly honest to our now general educational fact brochure. We’re sure you are going to love it. It does require double sided printing but I am hoping to gain some government endorsement which would allow government departments and agencies to distribute the flyers. Councils and police can use them to do regional driver campaigns similar to what they currently do with vehicle security in shopping centres etc (Lock Up Your Cars campaign). Shopping centres and other property owners that have road related areas can also use them as “warning” types of notices while keeping a record of repeat offenders for future reference.

If you are unable to print them yourself please ask your local MP if they’d be kind enough to print a dozen for you from their community printing fund.

Looking forward, as always, to your ever critical feedback 😉

Click on the link below to download and view the PDF

NPNP Education Brochure v2.1

No Permit No Park
Campaign founder and manager

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