Here you’ll find a collection of all the relevant legislated bills etc that are relevant but not limited to disability accessible parking and other disability access, along with a few other great resources for those wishing to be proactive advocates in your community.

Of course if you have an issue that you’d like us to assist you with finding the information you need to go into battle, we’re always happy to help you find it. Just drop us an email

(Search tip: Sometimes the easiest way to find what you need within a legislation or similar document is to use the Find function in your browser once you have the document open. ie CTRL F then enter the text you want to search for eg Disability)

Disability (Access To Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010

National Transport Commission (Road Transport Legislation – Australian Road Rules) Regulations 2006

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Australian Disability Parking Permit Scheme

Australian Centre for Disability Law


Of course each state will have their own management of Federal Legislations and each Local Government (Council) will also have by laws. We’re happy to help you connect with what you need in your area.

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