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Thank you for your time and 70 cents to make me pee myself laughing

Today I went to park my car so that before picking up the children from school I could run a few errands. By run of course I mean limp along in a weird kind of leg drag way. The first two nearest parks are taken so I drive to the other end of the street and attempt to park in the only available disability bay left.

EVERY SINGLE DAY in this area we find this. Because people don’t understand parking rules or signs.
To provide further evidence….

Stopping (without displaying a current parking permit for people with disabilities) in a parking area for people with disabilities
203(1) Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009

Stopping on a road in a position that obstructs access to and from a footpath, driveway etc. 198 Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009

Yes, both rules are being breached here. Double fine perhaps?


Of course I had to park all the way over to the left, because if I park in the middle, the car on the right is always guaranteed to park right on the line limiting the amount of space I have to get in and out of the car. Unfortunately I left before the person could return to their car to complain about being parked in.

It’s a daily occurrence here. I pick up my kids from the school here and every day the four disability parks and the four access ramps are blocked. I’ve tried being polite and mostly all I receive is abuse. I even get told to mind my own business. Yes, mind my own business.

These were all taken over the past two weeks
blocked1 blocked2 blocked3 blocked5 blocked6 blocked8

But today I managed to get a space and was very grateful that I was not depending on a wheelchair at this point in time. It would be a long push up the street to access the path.

I do my errands and among them is checking the post office box. I checked it and to my surprise there was not only mail but it was address to “NO PERMIT”.

I was excited to open it and at first when I started reading I was a little annoyed but the further I read the more I laughed. I walked all the way back to my car laughing and laughing. Seriously this person not only took the time to write it but paid to post it and all I could do was laugh at him.

He even sent the flyer back to me. It’s one of the flyers I had professionally printed (at my own cost) and I’ve only given them out to a few people those people are always diligent in checking. Now I have no idea who this is, or where the space in question was but please, share this around and if the brave soul ever comes forward to claim it and can prove to me he was not in a disability zone (including the diagonal lined no parking access space) then I will more than gladly apologise. HOWEVER, I will also be happy to educate him on how disability occurs. And I will also invite any volunteer campaigners along to explain how despite looking after their health they were struck with the tragedy of an accident or illness that caused their disability or through absolutely no fault of theirs, were born like that.

I might also recommend he use a wheelchair for a week and then tell me I’m lazy.

My very first handwritten hate mail

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  1. Mary K


    Good on that guy who wrote you that letter. He was 100% spot on and you deserved a lot worse. Honestly what a mean spirited cowardly person you sound. Small minded petty and neurotic are other adjectives that spring to mind. Get a goddam job and get off other people’s backs – you know people who actually work for a living and who’s taxes support welfare bludgers on pensions like yourself. I need to stop because like the letter writer my blood is boiling now too

    • nopermitnopark


      Oh dear. Mary K you know what happens when your blood boils? You die.
      FYI Manic Mary, I’m not on the pension. Whoops. Regardless you seem to have a strange perception of me, which is only natural for someone who only reads a single blog post and doesn’t have the comprehensive capability to convert the information they’ve read.
      Cowardly? No. In fact you’re welcome to come see me any time you like.
      Mean spirited? Perhaps, I do get a little mean when people like you think preventing the human rights of others is acceptable.

      Mary do you know what happens when you use the internet? Very clever people can trace you. You’re not very popular. Your IP address gets blocked a lot.

      Mary, do the disability community a favour. Stop stealing our oxygen.

  2. Clive Thomas


    I would like to say what a great job you are doing Nopermitnopark. I wish we has something like this here in the UK where parking is disabled bays is rife. I do not tent to argue with people I take their photo and post it on twitter and other social media. I also call the local council if it one of their parking bays and they are usually quite good at sending someone out to ticket the offending vehicle.

    I would like to say to Mary and all those out there, that I work for a living, and I do not live off benefits. I am a former soldier in the British Army and served with the Airborne forces and was injured in the line of duty and now have trouble walking. It doesn’t matter if it is someone like me someone injured through an accident or someone who was born with a disability, we don’t want these spaces we NEED them and it is small minded bigotted people like you who make things so difficult for the disabled. Disability discrimination is the biggest form of discrimination in the UK right now but the least publicised. I strongly believe that people that discriminate against the disabled by parking in a disabled bay should be procecuted and the same force of the law should be applied as if discriminating aginst someone because of their race colour or creed.

  3. Reply

    Well said Friday. This world is full of petty minded, arrogant, self satisfying, ignorant, judgemental bullies who think nothing of deriding, ridiculing and assassinating those who stick their necks out to champion any good cause.
    What you are doing is caring for the Greater Community as a whole. Would it be better if we said nothing and let the Police etc. fine those for illegally parking? No doubt we would have screams of protest from the very same individuals who attack your standards.

    Is it not better to warn of a cyclone coming down the coast, than to shut down the Radars and say nothing?

    • Sandy


      How nice would it be if I didn’t require a disability permit. I’d love nothing more than to get rid of my wheelchair and do cartwheels.

      Thanks for standing up for access for us to participate in the world (aka getting food from the shop, get prescriptions filled etc, maybe even see a movie).

      I find it frightening to be publicly abused for pointing out illegal parking so it is useful for you and the team to provide education via the fliers.

      Keep up the good work.

  4. Jeff


    I must admit, I have to agree with the letter writer and with Mary. With all the time and effort you put into ‘No Permit No Park’, it seems you would be more than capable of finding some form of gainful employment. I know you’ve advised Mary that you are not on the pension, but you have posted on numerous occasions about your application for a DSP. Lying by omission is still lying.

    You also post about having to raise children with a mere $480 dollars per fortnight. Don’t you have a husband? Should he not be contributing to the household? Or is he faking a disability too? Here’s another idea, spend less time monitoring disability parking bays and instead collect cans – that’ll be sure to earn you some extra money.

    It is evident that you are addicted to attention. I am certainly not the first who has recognised your ‘disability’ is nothing more than a government funded retirement plan. I also recall seeing you on the news some years ago, claiming to be a sacked government worker. When did you work for the government? Was that another ploy for attention or was that somehow financially motivated too?

    Give up the act. More and more are realising that you are a total fake. I am all for advocacy for our disabled citizens, but it is fakers like you that make it so difficult for those that are genuine. And before anyone jumps down my throat, please do a little research. Things just don’t add up. For ‘Friday’, it is less about advocating for the rights of people with a disability and more about garnering attention and sympathy.

    • Bugs


      What a pile of unsubstantiated crap that is ‘Jeff’. You sound like the biggest dick in Australia. How is it that people around you resist the urge to slap you? You little angry man who is so tough on the internet beating up on disabled people. There is a word for people like you, despicable.

      Take your bile elsewhere troll.

      • Jeff


        ‘Bugs’, I’m not sure how you can classify what I’ve posted as unsubstantiated? If you read my first three paragraphs, I’ve stated nothing bar factual information. I invite you to try and identify one thing in those paragraphs that is untrue – but I will tell you now, you are going to find that task very difficult.

        I will admit, in my last paragraph I have stated my opinion, but it is important to note that I have formed my opinion over several years based on what I have personally observed. Again, a conclusions based on evidence can hardly be regarded as unsubstantiated.

        There is however one thing you are correct about; I am an angry man. I am angry that some-one would try to take advantage of our welfare system. I am angry that some-one would fake a disability for reasons that are financially motivated. I am angry that some-one who claims to be an advocate for people with disabilities is doing that group so much harm.

        Importantly though ‘Bugs’, I am not beating up on anyone, nor am I a troll. Quite simply, I am asking genuine questions because I am genuinely concerned. I believe in speaking up against those who are doing something fundamentally wrong, and asking questions even when those questions may be difficult.

        In the words of the honorable Judge Judy, “If something doesn’t make sense it is usually not true”. Something doesn’t make sense here ‘Bugs’, and I’m not going to let your vicious and targeted comments stop me from stating fact, and seeking the truth.

  5. Reply

    Jeffy, EVERYTHING you’ve said is unsubstantiated. You whiny, screeching, entitled manbaby. You are a troll and a transparent one at that.

    I hope you lose sleep every single night of your life knowing that some disabled person somewhere is getting something you’re not. Go on, stomp your widdle (working) feet in impotent rage and cry, “MINE MINE MINE!” You have the social skills of a badly parented kindergartener.

    If your best legal opinions come from ‘Judge Judy,’ it’s pretty obvious your year-9 leaver education has abjectly failed you. You have no more entitlement to know what the nature of my disability is than I have to know what your emotional failings are that cause you to yowl like a spoiled brat with the social skills of a toddler who is not given what he wants.

    Go on, throw yourself on the ground and scream. Wail like it’s important. I will giggle like a schoolgirl when I flush my dunny with your salty, salty tears.

  6. Alice Ayers


    Jeff, you poor, poor dear. How hard has it been for your to have to watch Friday enduring life while she pulled off this amazing feat of fooling the world? You, you just didn’t fall for it, you’re so smart aren’t you?

    Actually no Jeffrey. Here’s the thing see, Friday doesn’t need to prove anything to you or anyone else for that matter. Several medical professionals have already proven her illness and disability based on the evidence they collected through their processes. I’m sure it was no relief to her to be told she would live the rest of her life with a degenerative neurological condition.

    So how about rather than bitching about what YOUR abled miserable self thinks should and should not be done to stand up for the disability community you get off your sorrowful butt and go collect cans and donate the proceeds to a disability charity that people with disabilities have to rely on because the government keeps slashing the amount of assistance they provide people who actually need it?

    Unless you have evidence that Friday is “faking” her illness, at which point may I suggest if you actually want to do anything about it, you pay the $300 or whatever it is to see her neurologist and show him how you, the professional creepy stalker, knows more about neurology than he does. I mean honestly if you’ve been observing her for years I strongly recommend you get help for that problem. Stalking is a serious offence.

    Knowing her personally I can absolutely, substantially defend that every one of those accusations you’ve made about her are false. I am not going to give any correction or explanation about her situation, as not only is it not my place to do so, you just do not deserve to know any of this because IT’S NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.

    People like you are exactly why we need Friday to continue her brave stance against ableism and keep fighting to defend the rights of people with disabilities. If she were doing us any harm, we’d say so ourselves. We don’t need some ableist Joe Citizen to come along and tell us to sit in the corner and keep quiet.

    Unless you have evidence to back up your claims just bugger off and aggravate someone else. Your comments are nothing more than libellous defamation and discriminatory victimisation you pathetic creepy entitled little nothing of a man.

    • Bugs


      Here here. I’m not sure what triggered this guy to stalk Friday but I sure am curious. I know she had outed quite a few fakes in her time and also embarrassed a few recalcitrants deserving of contempt. Perhaps he is one of those.

      Either way little man put up your evidence and make your claim public with your real contact details or shut up. Libel is a serious business.

      I keep in contact with my friends and leave my enemies in my past but this guy is holding a grudge. It’s not normal. I hope he sees a professional about it.

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