These are some of the questions I’m often asked. They’re all real as ridiculous as some of them sound.


Q.  Is it lawful to put flyers on car windows?
A.  Our flyers aren’t advertising for a commercial purpose nor are they distributed on a mass basis. They are exempt from legislation regarding flyer distribution provided they are only used as an information notice.

Q. If you’re so disabled why are you out chasing cars all day?
A.  I don’t chase cars all day. I put flyers on cars and take pics when I see them out and about doing my thing. Believe it or not, people with disabilities can live very active fulfilling lives, we just do things a little differently.

Q.  If you have Parkinson’s isn’t it dangerous for you to be driving?
A.  As well as having various assisting devices on cars these days for people with disabilities there is also a responsibility of our treating medical practitioners to ensure we are fit to drive. I have satisfied the requirements of my fit to drive test and will happily sit a driving test to prove my capability. My mobility affects my ability to walk and to sit and stand without assistance. This is what makes me eligible for a permit.

Q.  Why don’t you get a life?
A.  I had one but the wheels fell off.

Q.  How can we be part of the campaign?
A.  Sign up on our Take the Pledge tab to keep updated with what we’re doing, download the TowIt app from your app store and report offences so that we can identify hot spots, download our educational material and share the message of the campaign. Keep our community accessible. #InclusiveCommunities

Q.  Is it okay for my son to park in a disabled space with my permit if I wait in the car?
A.  It depends on the state you live in and the terms and conditions of use of your permit. Most states have the condition that the permit holder must be getting in or out of the car. In all honesty, do you really want your able bodied son having the lazy attitude of abusing your permit? Make him walk. Let those who need the space for access use it.

Q.  How do I report someone who is using a fake permit or fraudulently using someone else’s permit?
A.  If you have a good relationship with the person, try explaining to them that it is illegal and they could risk the permit holder having their permit cancelled. Otherwise it should be reported with as much detail as possible including names, vehicle registration and permit numbers to the issuing authority in your state.

Q. What should I do if I come across a disability parking space that doesn’t provide practical accessibility?
A. All buildings that have been built AFTER 2010 or have undergone significant renovation or redevelopment must comply with the Disability Access to Premises Standards 2010. There are also buildings and areas that are exempt from these standards such as parking on roads and certain heritage listed buildings. If these standards should apply to the building then first step is to attempt to inform the building owner or manager. If no resolution is found you can make a formal complaint to council to have it rectified as it should have been required for the Development Approval Final Inspection.
If the standards don’t apply to the space in question then try to engage the building owner or manager in a conversation about why the space is non practical and offer suggestions such as referring them to the current standards and remind them that almost 20% of their customer base has a disability* – and then there are carers. If a resolution can’t be found then you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Disability Anti Discrimination Tribunal in your state.

*ABS 2009

Just under one in five (18.5%) Australians had a disability in 2009, according to new figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This represents approximately 4.0 million people.

Q.  Can I use my permit in other states?
A.  Yes, all states accept interstate Australian permits when visiting. Check with the state and council area you are visiting for the concessions you’re entitled to.

Q.  How do I apply for a disability parking permit?
A.  Visit this post for more info on eligibility and how to apply in your state.


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  1. Jenni Webber


    I can’t believe you had to include “why don’t you get a life?”. Good on you for your response, though.

  2. Reply

    Yep… when you put yourself out there as any kind of agent for change, those who’ve benefited from the abuse and exploitation you’re now exposing are quick to respond with glib, gratuitous, play-the-man/woman-not-the-ball remarks.

    As my late father (a policeman) used to tell us as teenagers, “If you put on a uniform, expect to get shot at!”

  3. Kimberley Weston


    I find it appalling how an able-bodied person can abuse a disabled person for simply asking why their ILLEGAL behaviour is ok?
    It’s NOT OK!
    What little rights we have to get a decent park, have been taken away from us by people that seem to have very little or NO Common sense, decency, respect or compassion at all!


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