Our objective is first and foremost is education. Educating the community about the purpose and need for disability access will reduce unintended disability parking offences. Education is the easy part. Changing attitudes to prevent intentional offences, well…. we will get there eventually. Throughout the campaign I have found a great deal of misunderstanding of the legislation occurs genuinely. With Access to Premises Standards for Disability Access being barely 5 years old we can now expect education to expand from here and that is where we all need to be collaborators.

Using this pro forma letter to provide feedback to companies about their branded vehicles helps us to engage with them in encouraging education rather than punishment. Prevention is far more effective in creating better healthy communities than curing bad habits.

Download the Word Document or Copy and Paste the letter below into an email. The subject line should read : Driver Conduct to get a timely response.

Click to download: NPNP Template for business vehicle complaint

Copy & Paste as per below:

Good (morning/afternoon)

As a supporting member of the No Permit No Park Education Campaign and the disability community I am writing to discuss an event involving one of your branded vehicles.

The incident took place at (insert location) on (date) around approximately (time of event) registration number (insert rego of vehicle). The driver of the vehicle (parked in a zone marked for people with disabilities/blocked a parking zone marked for people with disabilities).

I did approach the driver to provide them with the information about the offence and the response was (insert response if relevant) / I did not approach the driver to give them the information of the offence as it was not convenient for me to do so.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would remind your staff that stopping in an area marked for people with disabilities without a permit is an offence under the traffic legislation and could result in fines and demerit points to the driver but more importantly their actions reflect on your company values.

We understand that some venues have limited parking for deliveries and if this is the case in this instance we would encourage management to visit the site or discuss options with the venue to prevent further damaging of the company’s reputation.

Disability parking is more than just a parking space. For people with disabilities it is a way to allow them access to their community with dignity.

If you would like further information about legislation or are interested in having the Campaign founder provide a training session to your staff about customer service to people with disabilities please use the contact details below.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and understanding.



On behalf of No Permit No Park

Do your staff need training in Customer Service to the Disability Community? We can help.

​Elisha “Friday” Wright
Campaign Founder



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