If something is blocking disability access – Key It

The Key Concept

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s ridiculous. Disability Access including parking is often mistaken for convenience when to those with mobility needs it’s a necessity. It’s about dignity and inclusion. It’s so frustrating when you’re trying to wheel your chair along a footpath and bang in the middle is a car. No safe way around. You’re blocked. Well now you can just KEY the car and they’ll get the message!

It’s not about vandalism. What we want you to do is help raise awareness in the community when people place vehicles or other objects in the way of disability access. You can do this by putting on of our Key notices on the vehicle or object. The notice directs people to a page where we try to educate them about the importance of access for an inclusive community and encourage them to play a role in being inclusive.

No Permit No Park is an educational campaign that seeks to raise awareness and improve the lives of people with disabilities through community accessibility. We do not promote, condone nor encourage vandalism of property at any time. People should be aware though that their obstruction of access can result in the causation of accidents including falls and wheelchair tips. These accidents can result in incidental damage to property but more importantly it can cause serious injury to a person with access needs.

Join the campaign today and print out a copy of our Key Notice. Click here to see the Keyed information page.


click on the image and then print from your computer


Summer Car Safety Message

We often hear and see community messages in media warning us of the dangers of leaving children in cars on hot days. On a 30 degree day (the average Australian summer temperature), within 15 minutes inside the car can reach lethal temperatures. It’s not safe for pets either we’ve come to learn after numbers of dogs have died being left locked in the car. Even with the window down a crack it’s not enough to reduce temperatures.

What we don’t hear about are the adults that die in hot cars. Mostly due to the assumption that an adult can get out of the car when they’re heating up unlike children or dogs. It’s forgetting the most important factor. Disability. If someone requires assistance to get out of the car or to walk to safety they should never be left alone in a hot vehicle. Ever.

We’ve designed an all inclusive image that you can share to spread the word.
hot car danger announcement


NB It’s already been pointed out I have spelled Celsius incorrectly. I could have changed it but my dyslexic aphasia man in my brain said not today.

Rant warning! – Of all the stupid excuses…..

Friday I drove around a shopping centre for 15 minutes before finding an available accessible park. Last week I had to park 30 metres from my doctor’s surgery and negotiate my way past incoming traffic and reversing cars to get there. In both instances there were disability designated parking bays being used by people without permits.

Then yesterday I saw people using the last available disability park at my local shops as a loading bay for their bulk alcohol purchase.

When I said something to them about it their excuse was dumbfounding.

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